Playlist 0 ran empty

One good day,

I’m using mAirList-6.3.9 advance server.

I have a problem with my news, the news comes from a news server and will be downloaded to the server (a Windows server 2019 Datacenter).

Some times i get an Playlist 0 ran empty, if i look in the history of the nieuws container i see that the news has not run, some times i hear the jingle for let’s say 2 seconds then mAir goes to the live stream of a dj.

See at 15:00 hour

i can’t find a underrun if i test the hour i get an ok

The hour template

The playlist.

Someone a idea?

I would start to look if the news file was downloaded and if it was not empty or something. Because when you make the playlist the old news file could still be there so you “think” that your list is OK. But then a view minutes before the hour the new newsfile will be downloaded and it is possible that there is something wrong. I use the RTV AudioDownload Tool for years now and always worked.
Hope this helped you a little bit.
Pidi Radio

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Well i let RTV AudioDownload Tool download at 00:57 and i create my playlist at 00:58 i let RTV AudioDownload Tool only download. the news file is in .wav format.

i saw that it worked at 18:00 hour so i will keep monitoring it.