Player Shows Intro Upon Loading ?

Hi Torben,
Is it possible to put an option in for the players to show the intro duration when loaded ? “most” systems show this in addition to it being on the playlist view. Perhaps the time could be shown like this:


…and the intro disappears when it’s reached.

A complete redesign of the player component is scheduled for version 2.1, this will be considered then.


Charlie: if I understand you correctly, what you want is already available (let me know if this is not what you meant!).

My Players here all show the ramp time (aka intro time)—if any—for the track when loaded. As you suggested, this starts at (for example) R-0:09.7 (R for Ramp) and ‘ticks down’ to zero along with a ‘dual’ progress bar, at which point the default ‘clock’ (remain or elapsed or both) and ‘normal’ progress bar are restored. Looks quite ‘sexy’ IMHO…

You need to tick the Playlist setting in Configuration for Always show ramp for this to work; this setting affects progress bars in both the Playlist and its Players, so you need to switch this setting on even if you have the Playlist set to not display a progress bar. Does all that make sense?

Give this a try and let us know if it still isn’t working!


Yes - but not in a “loaded” state, only when playing.


AH! I understand what you mean now! Yes, that’s right: it has to be playing.

I hadn’t noticed that until you mentioned it! >blush<