Player Loading Shortcut

Hello all!

I’m unsure if i’m missing something glaringly obvious here…

Is it possible via the keyboard shortcuts, to load each player. Of course, the usual method is drag and drop…
Is it possible to have the item selected/highlighted in the playlist, and then for example use the keyboard shortcut “Shift + 1” to load the selected item into Player 1 (“Shift + 2” into Player 2, “Shift + 3” into Player 3 etc.).

I do not want the auto-load in assist etc etc. want it on-demand essentially? I have had a fiddle with on-demand options but i cannot see a way of doing this currently.

Cheers, Ryan.

“PLAYER 1-1 LOAD” etc. will load the currently highlighted item into the specified player.

Thanks Torben. I thought it would be something that obvious!