an option as in dalet or winradio would be rather well to put elements when have is in automatic mode


Sorry, can you please explain this any further?

winradio ago in a small window where they showed the 4 elements in recent playlist and in the automatic mode places like software audacity his style is also Funradio for the liner enchainement


First of all, can you please use punctuation so we know where a sentences ends and where the next one begins. This, if at all, would help to understand what you’re talking about.

If you’re having trouble to explain it in English, you can write in French. Someone else (Theo, perhaps?) will help to translate it.

Yep. If you’re french, I can help to translate. Write your message in french and I will try to translate it. :smiley:

According to his e-mail address (which isn’t visible to you), he is.

I imagine who he is… In, there are people who use your piece of software Torben.
And there are some “Alexis” people ^^.

Let’s wait for !

Excuse me for this very bad English, but on Sunday me and I am very tired and I have some problems with English I’ll try to do my mieu I contact Theo for an explanation!

Thank you to you both.


Okay, I’ve been in touch with Alexis.

By the way, you already know his requests : it’s about the GUI interface for the Segue Editor.
He wants to perform, with GUI interface, the upcoming mixes : move cue point, order items, modify liner position etc etc, like the segue editor in Winradio or Selector.

Alexis, this functionnality is written on mAirlist 3 Roadmap (tell me if I’m wrong Torben), but this is not the priority at the moment, Torben working on mAirlist DB with high priority ;D

If you would read something else about your request, try reading the previous topic :,2907.0.html

Thanks for your help, Theo.

As you mentioned, it has been requested serveral times, and it’s on the roadmap, but I can’t tell when it will be available.

Ok, thank you Theo for your help, I’ll go read it its nice to provide this option dévellopement!