PHP/Web to mAirList command?

I was wondering if it was possible to mAirList commands to be executed by PHP?

The general idea is to have a selection of tracks listed on the website which users can vote for or select - which are then inserted into the current mAirList playlist?

Any ideas??

It’s possible through the REST interface which is however only available in the Professional Edition.

Let me know if you need an example.

Cheers Torben, I’ll get a look at it now and I’ll give you a shout if I need any help!


Can you give me an example of a basic command sent via the URI?


First of all, note that the REST interface has been introduced in v3.1, replacing the old SOAP-style interface.

A code fragment for PHP can be found in this German thread:,4444.msg32098.html#msg32098

… and by the look of the German thread, you’ll probably want to download cURL as well. :wink:


Yes, you need to install the cURL module into PHP first, of course. But it’s include in all recent installations, so that shouldn’t be any problem.

The command line cURL utility isn’t needed unless you want to remote control mAirList from the command line.