Parallel IO's

Something to think about for the future… Now that mAirList is able to handle network commands and logic inputs via the Game port - The next step would probably be high/low pin outputs on the printer-port. Something like: #mAirList COMMAND PIN1 HIGH would turn that pin on (+5v) or off (0v).

This would then allow the playout system to be wired into the mixing console and control Satellite Feeds, News and other sources that can be taken during an automated playlist. ie: Open the satellite fader at xx:59.59 and close it at xx:03:01 then resume play.

In the UK, this kind of arrangement happens with IRN News and our Sunday chart shows - The DJs leave the satellite fader open at 4pm, along with the playout faders - at 7pm, the playout systems starts-up, closes the satellite channel and begins it’s 7pm playlist hour. For satellite services that carry RS232 along with the audio, the possibilities of switching/routing are endless.

Again, very custom. How about a script? :wink:

Second, unter Windows 2000/XP, you cannot accessing the port hardware directly, but you have to use a driver. I will find out how to manage this from Delphi.


Ok, I found somethink :slight_smile: There’s a little free DLL called “InpOut32”, available from You can read and write arbitrary IO Ports with it, even under NT-based Windows (2000/XP). It’s pretty easy to use from Delphi, and I have added a small interface to mAirListScript, available as of 1.5.25.

Of course, the port number and the values to write depend on your hardware, but all of this should be quite easy to figure out. I will post a small tutorial as soon as 1.5.25 is out.


Looking at the sample app, I think that’d be ideal. Seems to be fairly straightforward to use in VB (that’s my area). But it’s good that you can add it to mAirList.