Overlap possible ?

Hi everybody,

I’m wondering if this overloppaing mix is possible with mairlist :

I have, in playlist, 3 elements : TITLE1 - LINER - TITLE2
Intro of TITLE2 is 15 seconds long. LINER is 8 seconds long.

Is it possible, during playback, having, at the mix point of TITLE1, the beggining of TITLE2 and, 8 seconds before the end of the TITLE2 intro, the playback of LINER which would exactly finish at the end of TITLE2 intro ?
The difficulty : when LINER finish, TITLE2 should keep on playing until the next item…

If it possible, how should I configure the mix point to obtain this kind of overlapping ?

Thanks a lot.

PS : I’m designing the functionnalities of my personal scheduling program which will generate mairlist playlist with every kind of possible mix chain…


No, that’s not possible by now. Just because the liner is too short. If it was longer than the intro of TITLE2, you could just set a Start Next on the liner.

mAirList 3.x will introduce some nice features when it comes to voice tracking and such. Just stay tuned.

Ok Torben. Thanks for your answer.