Novation Launchpad Mini?

If you scroll back there is a post from Ruvo80 where he placed the complete script. Like you explained the script is altered after the new forum. I already offered to mail him a good working script but at to moment I am in your beloved country and no access to the file.
Unless you need something to do due the fact you can’t leave home. I mail him Saturday. (7.5 KB)

Here is the file so as you say removed the begin code and end code

Greetings Henk

Try this here. It might not work right away, but it’s a start. (7,9 KB)

First regards


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Yes now i See the Device Number that was 1
The lights are going only the nummbers are not corrected from the jingles

but i see lights and some jingles are working

I am happy to see that is begin to work

Fine! I have cleaned up the mess the board did to the code and got it at least running, nothing more. Alas, I haven’t got any Midi device to elaborate the correct code. Maybe someone else can be helpful here.

Inspiring regards


Thank you i am verry happy that is for so far work

And thank you for the time
Many Many Thanks and yes is sal ask Henk for the file for the mini and maybe he have a good file for the 64 jingles

Hi guys,

Sorry i didn’t respond earlier. Unfortunattely i don’t use the script anymore since i am not using the launchpad anymore. If u still have problems with it i will have to try again myself since it’s been a while si ce i was worki g with the script.
Hope u alteady got it all working!! Otherwise i will have a new look at the scripts aswell