No Where do I set a generel "Ignore fade in/out" so mAirlist plays nearly all files?

Hi everyone!

All my programs and music files have either fade out / ramp out or other points…

However I’d like lots of files (95% of files) played to the very end BEFORE the next starts. Where do I set a generel “Ignore fade in/out” so mAirlist plays nearly all files

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So why do the files have fade-outs at all??

Actually I dont know. I haven’t set fade outs.
What I read in an earlier thread is, that
mairlist detects decrasing of the volume at the end of the track and calculates an individual Fade-Time per Track.

But Im not interested, that music numbers or programs crossfade…
What to do?

Skip auto cue.  

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Thanks Tondose! I didn’t know I could skip AutoCue… Thanks

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You can now mass edit all “auto-cued” songs to remove the cue points if necessary.

But did you know that you can set up mAirlist to not fade out at the end of tracks when in ASSIST mode?

This way you can use fade-out/start-next in an automation but play the whole songs in assist mode to the end…

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However I dont want fade-out/start-next neither in Automation Play…

“Mass edit all auto-cued songs” - sounds interesting
Where do I mass edit?

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Hello Tondose
How do I skip Auto Cue

Best regards Junker

Did you

  • ever take just 10 Minutes to explore the configuration app and its settings by yourself?
  • playing around with the database app?
  • just using the search function of this forum? :wink:

This is an instruction with screenshots I wrote via the google translator and you should be able to read it with the translation tools of your web browser (if needed).

and following posts…

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And you can disable it in the mass-synchronizing dialogue too.

  • ever take just 10 Minutes to explore the configuration app and its settings by yourself?

Sorry for my posting.
Yes. I thought the menu AutoCue (your screenshot) only was about setting cuing points when sync music, because this menu didnt helped me.

I am very sorry, I was asking (and that I asking as an unexperienced user)…

Best regards

Come on, @Junker :wink:

I know this is [OT] now, but you joined this forum in March and posted a question about announcing temperatures and about using VTs in mAirlist in April. You stated that you’d need this for live broadcasting and used another radio automation software before.

Working half a year with a software without testing settings and trying to optimize it is really rare so I wouldn’t call you an unexperienced user anymore.

That’s what I meant with

Just activating/deactivating settings to see what they do.

Well played, but you completely ignored

And I’m sorry that we as “experienced users” expect people to take a look in the search function too. Not. :wink:

Don’t forget that most of the basic questions were asked over and over so they could be find by using the search function.

Fun fact: When you take a look at the statistic’s page of a forum member you can see how often he/she visited the forum (when logged in) and how many posts or topics he/she really red before asking basic questions that were already explained.

So no offense but there are quite a few “new” users who shows some kind of lack of individual initiative and asking the (unpaid) forum members for 1on1 support in terms of basics and are not willing to do some work / thinking on their own.

I apologize if I suspected you of being one of them by mistake.

So let’s go back to “real” problems and take a look into your problem with the playlist generator… :slight_smile:

Well, I totally understand, that you experienced users being tired of answering the same questions again and again.

And of course I could be better to search in manuals, in forum and in Youtube-videos before asking.
You have a good point.

By the way… I love all the help, we got here in the Forum, and really enjoy mAirlist. Thanks and have a nice weekend… <3