No Line input encoder on program start.

V5.3 latest build 3158
In my config I defined the Encoder input (Wasapi)
However, when starting mAirList and going to the config, the device for the encoder is empty.

Bug or some other issue?





Can you please check if the devices.ini file gets updated when you save the settings?

Yes it does, from the config and within the control panel…


That is in the ini file, but on starting the program it defaults to none (playback devices are ok)

Now make the changes from within mAirList Control Panel (= running mAirList playout; not the config app), and check the ini file again - same contents?

Yes i did both
Timestamp did change, content of the ini are the same and correct.

Update… from the mairlist control panel switching to another device, it is saving the ini, but defaulting to the previous settings…
So it does not read certain content nor it does write (but changes the file by saving and not modifying and not readng it)

If needed let me know and check it out yourselfe via remote

I’ll be out of office until mid-August.

Does anybody else experience this issue? I have never heard of it, and everybody is using the encoder line-in all the time, so I doubt that there is a general issue.

Today I deleted the devices.ini and all seems to be fine for now :slight_smile:

Hm, even stranger :wink: