News in, works but not quite perfect

I had this working before but can not remember how.

How news is configured on ours

News ident fires at 59.51, and fades whats playing, Log Opening News live feed for news runs at 00.00 as its supposed to

Slight issue I’ve forgotten how to fix this . News ident has a slight fade out, the Live feed is supposed to start over the fade out, but it waits for the news in to stop before unmuting the live feed, so is starting a couple of seconds late. The anchor is set on the News ident

What have I missed.?

I would have preferred to run the longer News bed under the live feed but I could not get this to work, it just ran the bed and ignored switching the feed up how would I do this ?

Not sure if this answers all your questions, but this is how NWL radio do it.
There are 3 events which run every hour.
59:41 Load and Play Database Playlist [Remembering to set it to load the next hour]
59:55 Unmute News feed [it comes on a separate input to the sound card]
02:05 Mute News feed
The hour template starts with the News jingle, followed by an mp3 file called “Sky News” which is 2min 2secs long. I created this as a silent file.
After that it is either a juke box or a specific recorded programme.
The only other thing to remember is to synchronise the playout computer clock. Nettime is a good free utility.
EDIT. The station set up is a dedicated PC which runs the station - it does not provide studio facilities. There is a separate studio with it’s own copy of mailist.

Instead of the mute/unmute and Silence item, you could use a Live Feed item right away :slight_smile:

Or at least add the mute/unmute actions to the “actions on start” and “actions on stop” list of the silence item, rather than using separate events for that.

Quite agree about cutting down on the events, in fact I set it up originally with the actions on the silence item, but I think their PC crashed and had to be re-built. :frowning:
The advice refers to V4 set up, didn’t the Live Feed come in with V5?

v4 has LiveFeed already.