News bed

Hi guys,

Probably I haven’t searched well in the forum, but somehow I wasn’t able to find the solution to this…
The standard newsbed wich we want to use lasts 2 minutes. Our suplier of newsbulletins creates files wich lasts maximum of 1,5 minute.
Simple to notice that the bed is toolong :wink:
now i want the bed to start early (because of an intro)and then the news bulletin. when the bulletin stops, the next playlistitem starts (music or commercials). But the problem is. the newsbed doesn’t stop automaticly.
Is there an opertunity to let the newsbed stop when the news bulletin stops?

Select in the editor the next item (TOTH) Fade out all other players in automation mode.
Than your bed stops when the TOTH begins.

Or just use the new News Container item :slight_smile:

It would be great to use the news container,

But then I have another question. Where do I find the newscontainer? When editing my hour template i only see the region container and the sub-playlist as container. Nowhere I can find how to add the newscontainer
I am using V6.1b Build 3834

You must add it to the library first (using the New Item menu), then use “Specific item” to include it in the template.

Another cool function wich is implemented in mairlist!