Hi, after a long process, I am finally up and running with home player. I am now wondering if I bought the right version. When I load music tracks in the playlist, it does not show the cue markers. It did this in the demo version I was using. Can any-one help please. ken

After checking, I think I should have bought home studio instead of home player. Is it possible to pay the difference to upgrade to home studio? ken

Is there no-one to help me on this problem please?

I believe Torben is away from base right now.

I’m sure he’ll respond soon!


I am indeed away from the office until next week.

The problem reported by the original poster is not related to any license issue though. The one fact that you need to know is that the cue markers aren’t remembered unless you explicitly request to store them in an MMD file or file tag (or database, but mAirListDB is not available in Home Player).

Upgrades from Home Player to Home Studio are only availble on request. Please send an e-mail to if you plan to buy such an upgrade.

Thank you for your reply Torben. Autocue is disabled in my version of Mairlist home. The configurator says that the autocue module is disabled with my licence. So I assume that I need home studio. Would this be correct?


What version/edition is that anyway? Please enter the serial number of your license into the forum profile so I can check with the license database.

Thanks Torben. I have entered serial no. in my profile.


Ok, I see - it’s a v4 Home Player edition that does not include Auto Cue. It’s only in Home Studio (and the Pro editions).

If you want to upgrade, please send an e-mail to, and we will send you further instructions.