Network file error

I have everything working great right now, except for one thing. I have noticed when a network file is about to load into the Auto-C position, the currently playing element, most of the time a jingle, will play to the end but the next element will NOT play for a few seconds, sometimes around 3-5. I have unchecked pre-buffer network files and that does not seem to change anything.

Should I just use something like free download manager to update the files locally rather than streaming over a network?


Don’t really know what’s the problem here…

If downloading the file a few minutes in advance is an option, that’s definitely more reliable.

I will work with some settings. Is there a place to define when to per buffer? Or how many songs to per buffer?

The files are OK. I have tried setting it to download the 3 segments at the top of the hour but it always fails.

Can you please send the URL to so I can try myself?

Thanks for the mail.

When File Management is enabled, the files are downloaded and stored locally during playback. This will ALWAYS happen for http and ftp files when File Management is on, regardless of the “Cache network files setting” (the latter only referes to files from Windows network shares).

Usually the prebuffer background process/thread takes care of the download, so the file is ready for playback when needed. Do the files have the small green check mark on their icon when the delay occurs?

No. they do not. or they didn’t. I activated prebuffer again and although the pause is very rare. It still occurs from time to time. Should I disable file management?