My new mAirlist layout...


May I ask you to give me your opinion about my new mAirlist Layout ?

Before you tell me it, it’s not for “professional” purpose (otherwise, I would have thought it differently). It’s only for personal use, to broadcast sound in my home, in every room. mAirlist will be the central point of my music, available in living-room with flat-screen and RS232 keyboard. No computer keyboard, no mouse.
So, I try to make something “sexy”, something smoothy, with warm colors…

What do you think about it ? See it at :


Wow = nice … or Wow = strange :-\ ?

One of the best layouts I have ever seen. Seriously. Certainly the most unusual. Very well done!

Completely awesome, love the whole effects thing going on there!

When shall we start firing requests your way! :wink:

Top Work…

Glad to hear that !
Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

Lackster, if you love it, I can share it :smiley:

Well, if you wouldn’t mind being so kind that would be great.

What i really like are things like the round circle that displays the ramp and the hour countdown, how did you manage to get them?

Im just wondering now, whether it’s possible to get a script that randomly selects ‘X’ amount of files from a set directory which would allow this to work brilliantly!!

Just a thought…

This looks really very brilliant !!!

Lackster, all the circles, all the shapes are directly included in the background. All “design” items are included in the png file that I use in the mAirlist background.

Once the png picture is stick to the background, you just have to move the screen objects at the right place, at the right size, and “play” with color, fonts to fit the overall color of the background…

However, I didn’t understand what you mean with the script …?

Torben is it possible to create a menu item to change the layout.
So you can change the original in something like this.
Without the layout designer

A script is basically a file you save with a set of instructions in it that work when you set them to e.g. press a button/start-up etc.

Some of the guys on the forum are geniouses when it comes to writing them as its rather involved - seems it to me :slight_smile:

What i mean is it would be good if we could get a script that - at startup runs and tells mairlist to randomly choosed 20/25/X number of tracks from a particular folder. Therefore, if you are using mairlist like you are, it randomly picks the tunes for you, rather than you selecting them and building a playlist.

Hope that makes more sense! :slight_smile:


Of course it’s possible.
I know what a script is Lackster ! I had not understood what you want exactly to see in it …

In fact, you wish a script that select automatically songs in folder, at regular interval I imagine. Isn’t it ? In order to prevent you from having to create playlist…

It’s not difficult, where as I’m not sure it’s possible to list all audio items from a folder in mAirlist Script (perhaps in Delphi?)… With this layout, I created about 4 or 5 scripts for startup, player start and stop, regular interval events and so on… I acquired some good knowledge about scripting in mAirlist… ;D

Ahh good stuff, didnt mean it to sound like i was teaching you to suck eggs, i thought you’d know how scripting works!

So you think that it is possible then? Are you the man with the know how? do you think you’d be able to make a script to randomly pick X number of tracks from ‘my music’ for example?

Mmmmm, I will think about it tonight.

I will see what I can do for you… There are some methods and functions I’ve never used in my mAirlist scripts. Perhaps there is what I need to write to you the script you ask.

I will see tonight… I will let you know if I find something interesting :slight_smile:

One way to do this would be to write a mAirList script which would either:

  1. Call a VBScript (or JavaScript if you prefer) which would do the actual directory reading and random selection, writing the results to a user-specified text file, THEN
  2. Read the text file created by 1) and use this to insert the named files directly into the mAirList playlist


  1. Call an AutoIT :wink: program to do the whole thing, possibly using something like the IMS scheduler from BleuCanard to randomly create an m3u and then AutoIT performs the clicks/keystrokes to load that m3u into mAirList? (NOTE: I havent actually tried this, but I can’t see why it shouldn’t work.)

For those unfamiliar with them:

[ul][li]IMS ( is kind of a halfway house between an intelligent media library ‘playlist builder’ program and a ‘real’ radio music scheduling program like Music1, StationPlaylistCreator, RCSSelector, etc.[/li]
[li]AutoIT ( is a Windows ‘automation’ language. It can do many wonderful things and can even ‘robotically’ make ‘mouse clicks,’ ‘press keys,’ move to other windows, etc. Anyone who’s ever used programs like PCAutomator, WilsonWindoware stuff, etc. will feel right at home.[/li][/ul]

Both of these programs are free, incidentally. :smiley:


I’m writting an AutoIT program !!!

I had the same idea than you Cad ;D

In mAirlist, do you know if it exists a way to add a “sleep” for an x second time period ?

By the way, I created an AutoIT that create a random playlist from a directory. But, I would like to load the playlist with mAirlist script. But, launching autoit program is immediatly followed by the mairlist load function and autoit haven’t finish to create the playlist… I would like to add a “pause” between the 2 mAirlists instructions. But, I don’t find how…

Could you help me ?

Brilliant, so it seems that it is possible to do then!

Do you think you’d be able to create this script for random song selection?

Thank You


The sleep(milliseconds) function has just been added in the latest snapshots of both v2.2 and v3.0.

Great Torben.
I will download the last v2 snapshot tonight to test it.

Lackster, the AutoIT program (i.e. an exe file) is ready. By the way, it’s an exe file that take 2 parameters. Call is like this :

program.exe D:\AUDIO_FILES mp3

The piece of software will list all the “mp3” files found in the “D:\AUDIO_FILES” and create a playlist.tmp temporary file with the list of all the elements in random order…

After, it’s the mAirlist script that will call the program with the parameters, wait for a while and load the playlist.tmp into the mAirlist playlist.

Note : I think I will add 1 more parameter : the number of songs you want to get in the random list. At the moment, if you have 30 audio files in the folder, the list will contain 30 audio files in random order… I will add the possibility to get only X songs.

When it’s okay, I will publish the scripts and the exe file for those who want to use it :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Here is the final script to do what Lackster was asking to.
In zip file, you’ll see the “random_playlist.exe” file and the mAirlist script. Copy them where you want and modify the settings in the script before testing.

Require the latest snapshot of mAirlist for “sleep” instructions to work.

If you have idea to improve it, or opinion, let me know :slight_smile:

Enjoy ! :wink: