Music saturation broadcast


After resetting my PC, I took the opportunity to test the mAirList license for a second month before the final purchase, probably within a week if my problem is resolved.

When I try to broadcast, the sound always saturates, only when I connect the broadcast.
Do you know where this problem may come from? And how to fix it?

I’m happy with the software apart from this problem.
Can’t wait to pay for the license to have it in the studio :slight_smile:

Hope you could help me.
See you soon


And the problem did not appear before resetting your PC? If so, you might want to check the settings of your sound devices on the Windows-side.

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The problem was not there before the reset.
The windows sounds are perfect. I have the impression that it is an “internal sound card” which does not work. Is it a concern of encoder configuration?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Excuse me, but why did you reset your PC?
There must be a reason for this hard and deep reset - otherwise you couldn’t


Am I right?

Following various tests with a virtual windows server, I crashed a feature of my local windows. As a result, my PC was no longer working, so I decided to reset it (which took a long time to back up all my files haha). This reset, I had been planning to do it for some time now, my PC was very slow and too much unnecessary stuff on it.

After the reset, I wanted to start mairlist from zero, to know if I had understood correctly the first time. Being in my grandfather’s house for 1 week, I took the opportunity to test everything before buying the license.

Besides, an off-topic question: once the license is purchased, the configurations of mairlist in the trial version remain the same after activation of the paid license?

ps: sorry for my english, i am using google translate.

When I say that it didn’t work anymore, I touched a basic functionality to test a Windows VPS connection and my local PC - a network error then appeared, I didn’t know how to fix it: it was the “click” to finally reset my pc.

Yes, I understand.
I’m afraid we have to ask you some detailed questions about audio routing, soundcards etc.

So what’s your audio routing plan with mAirList on your local PC? Which hardware (external soundcard or mixer working as interface) is involved? If you had to reconnect them after resetting windows, were drivers needed?

Yes. :+1:
Additionally, you can backup (and restore) your complete configuration through the configuration panel.

No problem at all; maybe Google Translate would send some funny words in your language if we would translate it right here.
By the way, what language is it, if I may ask?


Sorry for the delay in my response, I had personal concerns.
I use no external sound card, nor mixer.
I installed VOICE MEETER and VIRTUAL AUDIO CABLE to make an internal sound card, but before the reset everything was working without VOICE MEETER. It is therefore, in my opinion, a problem of diffusion (configuration of the encoder perhaps?).

Here is my “Audio Settings” interface in “Configuration”:
same thing for WASAPI.

And in “ENCODER”, I added the option “ACTIVATE LOCAL OUTPUT”: but what should I put as configuration?

And, I am Spanish and French :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help,
See you soon

Hi @UliNobbe,

You here ?

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Still alive :slightly_smiling_face:
Not so easy.

Yes :frowning:
But… What if I tried to use Voice Meeter as the only external sound card for streaming?
It’s possible ? If so, how should it be done, do you know?

Thank you ^^