Music import - no file duration

No, restart didnt helped. Stil from remote PC importing is without duration. Please help ASAP.

I just realised that from remote PC we dont see Advertising - Available spots - empty but all advertisement plays okay on main playout…

One more add - importing of advertising works and scheduling advertisement campaign, but still importing of files dont work on remote PC. Is it possible to send you some sys log?

Also, I tried to uninstall mAirlist on remote PC and install it again - no help. But as I noticed, it have remembered all database settings.

I believe it may have something with .FLAC files, but again only on one PC not on others!?

The most common audio formats, including MP3, MP2, WAV, or Ogg Vorbis are supported out of the box. Additional formats (e.g. AAC, WMA, FLAC or Opus) can be added through free BASS add-ons.

Link: mAirList Radio Automation | mAirList Radio Automation

Does it possibly have something to do with that? Unfortunately, I’m not that familiar with FLAC files.

Until now, for last year and some - we only use FLAC files for music as it have much better sound quality over MP3. We didn’t have any problems until now. And only on one remote PC that works with DB app.

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First: Really brave as a commercial broadcaster to openly publish the use of this software… :wink:

Second: Are you sure you are connected with the right user and does he still have all permissions to edit files?

I’m wondering why the waveform in the cue editor window isn’t showing anything…

In Croatia there arent any alternative source for music. But we pay for Deezer licence so… :slight_smile:

None of the SQL settings isnt changed or monified in last year and so. There is only SQL user that is connected to main DB. This also apply to Windows or LAN users or settings.

The waveform is empty as the duration is empty, so maybe there is something with that.

Just to recap your setup:

  • Your play-out PC is connected to a sql database via direct sql connection
  • the dbServer-App is running on the playout PC
  • the remote pc is linked to the dbServer-App with a mAirlist-user that has all the credentials to edit files in the database app?

This reply will be realy easy and simple;

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
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I’m still wondering, why there’s no Waveform in the Cue Window - if the files would be missing you’d get a Server Error Notice.

  • Did you try to restart the dB-Server App?
  • What kind of user is logged-in from the remote PC (Admin, Manager, DJ) and what are his permissions?
  • Did you try to setup a new Administrator as a user and see if the problem still occurs?
  • I tried to restart both main playout and remote PC - no help
  • we dont have any users on mAirlist - we use default setting from beggining
  • no I have not tried to do that as second remote PC import same files with duration
    Maybe its possible that problem is on remote PC. But it use latest version 7.2 (tried also 7.3) and this occured from the “clear sky”, no changes from user side.

Make a copy of that file (e.g. on the Desktop) and then drag it into playout window of mAirList. Are the duration/waveform working then? Is mAirList able to play the file?

Yes, it works okay then.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 11.55.37

But import of that file still dont work on remote PC (licence xxx57)

but on second remote PC (licence ) import works.

Network drives are maped equaly on all PC’s like on main playout.

Ok, so it only happens on one particular computer?

Can you please do the following - on the “broken” computer, and on the working one - and compare the results:

  1. Check if bassflac.dll is installed as a plugin in C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList\7.x\plugins\bass.
  2. If yes, confirm that it is listed in the config app → Audio Settings → General → Plugins tab.

You can download the BASSFLAC plugin from here if you don’t have it: BASS (attention, there is also “BASS_encFLAC”, do not mistake these two!) - just copy the bassflac.dll to the aforementioned folder.

Even without the plugin installed, mAirList/BASS should be able to open FLAC files on any modern Windows computer, because Microsoft has a similar plugin/codec installed by default. But maybe that one is broken on that particular machine, so you can try to install the specific BASS plugin.

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This is the folder content:

I dont have those setings on remote PC:

This is the situaton on playout:

Please switch to the Info tab and see what’s listed there.

Ok, DLL is loaded correctly.

Can you actually play the file on the non-working computer? PFL in DB app? Or is there an error as well?

Yes, it does play (both playout and DB) but without waveform and duration.