Move Postgres DB to new computer


Our computer is old and running Postgres 9.5. I have set up a new computer and installed Postgres 16. I’m having problems backing up the DB and restoring it on the new computer.

I’ve tried pgadmin and also pg_dump and pg_restore but it fails on the restore every time with errors relating to permissions.

Is there a foolproof method of doing this or a step-by-step guide I can follow?


I don’t have a step-by-step procedure but maybe a good suggestion to backup and restore your database with

Have you created the same users (and credentials) on the new database as you have on the old one? And have you already created the database with the same name?

I’m not a specialist, just my 2 cts…


Have you read this (nothing about the database, but mAirList v5)?

Just to remind you. :slightly_smiling_face:



Yes I saw that. It’s not broken though so why fix it? V5 works great for us.

I managed to sort my issue with the database migration. It was an issue with the database roles which resolved itself after re-creating them.