Mix Editor stuttering

I am testing mAirList on a remote location connected via VPN to our main site, loading all the audio files remotely from the main server. I know, the VPN is rather slow, but the normal playback and even the PFL with loading waveforms works quite well. But when I launch the Mix Editor, the audio keeps stuttering, (especially with wav files). I’ve tried to change various settings (audio buffering, network buffering, audio driver modes), but without success. As I’ve said, the normal playback and PFL works fine, just the Mix Editor is a problem. Is there any specific setting for that?
Thank you!

Using DirectSound, WASAPI or ASIO?

Hello Torben,
I have tried all these modes, but the result seemed to be the same for me.

Does it only happen when you use files from the DB server? Or also with local files?