Media Monkey

Hi, this isnt really an mairlist related question but being that it is on these forums i learnt about media monkey i think it would be a good place to start.

Although Media Monkey is brilliant and does a great job, any file that i have edited then gets a space left in the comments box. therefore when loaded in mairlist it shows it has comments. I am not adding a space in media monkey, it just gets put there.

Therefore, does anybody know how i can stop this?


Torben, is there a way that an option to ignore blank fields in the comments box of a file where no text is present. I would assume this is difficult because it has to define text characters from space characters.

Im just clutching at straws because its quite annoying having to then change all the files a second time to delete one space worth of nothing to get rid of the comments option.

Hope somebody can help.


Stripping white space from the comment string is fairly easy by means of regular expressions (which take care of telling blanks from data). I could introduce this as a file import option.

I also use MM but its Tag Editor is horrible and does a lot of annoying things without any option for he user to change this! My solution is NEVER to use the Tag Editor in MM (in fact I have disabled the tag editor in my copy) and ONLY to use Mp3-TagStudio (or a similar ‘real’ MP3 tag editing program) to edit tags in MP3 files.


If you could introdce that torben i would really appreciate it. To put audio on my computer i use freerip and this also adds white space to files. Every way i add a file to the computer adds white space and its quite annoying.

Cheers Torben.

I quiet like that fact that i can tag files in a big batch and quickly and the downloading of the album art is quite good also. Its the only software i really use for that sort of thing as before i was changing all files individually. a nightmare as you can imagine!!


Do yourself a favour and get the dbPowerAmp ripper. This does not put anything into the MP3 comments, and is also an excellent, fast ripper with extremely good error correction for those ‘very scratched’ CDs. It’s rare for dbPowerAmp to fail to rip; and it also uses the AccurateRip DB of the results/CRCs of literally millions of CD rips from around the world to verify its rips. If you buy the registered version ($cheap!) it will enable the plugins to allow you to do silence removal at start/end of tracks as well as normalization.

Oh: and dbPowerAmp will also do your album art stuff (which I personally have no interest in!).

PS: Sorry Torben, we’re WAY off topic here! ;D


Oh great.

It is like mairlist. I didnt know it exists until it was recommended to me. Will give it a go.