Mass tagging

Trying Mairlist, and finding it fun & good to use.
My music files are tagged with MP3Tag. However i havent found a way of mass tagging my music files with ‘Types’ field (Music, Jingle etc) other than loading the whole lot into the playlist and using Mass Edit and saving back to file. I cant see where the 'Types tag is in MP3tag (or TagScanner) So the question is, is there a mass tagger utility that will add this field? or am i approaching this the wrong way?

Look in the scripts for a script from Charlie Davy that will do this task.

Edit the script as needed.i.e comment out sections not relating to jingles.

Load all the jingles in a playlist and then run the script.

Repeat for each type of audio.

mAirList uses a private area inside the ID3v2 tag to store its metadata (as an XML block). That’s because there are no fields in the ID3v2 standard for many of mAirList’s fields, e.g. cue markers.

Thanks guys for pointing me towards scrips. I will take a look later.