Make Item Properties accessible from Container tab in Selection PFL Player

Something struck me tonight.

You can select multiple Playlist items and Selection PFL them to hear the segues, right?

So, mAirList in effect creates a temporary Container to PFL those items, also right?

And on the Container tab on the Selection PFL dialog, you can view the individual items in that selection, is that right as well?

SO …

If on that tab, you add a Properties entry to the Item context menu: voilà! Instant segue editor!
(By editing each item’s cue points in their own Properties dialogs, THAT’S how!)

Not the visual editor I’m sure many would prefer (I wouldn’t prefer a visual editor, of course :D), but still very usable and much easier than Selection PFL -> Close -> Playlist item -> Properties (and all the way back again!) to edit each segue.

Of course, you would need for all changes made in those Item Properties dialogs to refresh within the selection ‘Container’ so that subsequent PFL playing, total duration, slider operation, etc. will all be correct; AND to refresh the source PlaylistItem objects as well (in other words, changes should ‘bubble up’ all the way to the original PlaylistItem objects—though of course those could be the same one instance of those PlaylistItem objects … I don’t know the internal mAirList architecutre in that kind of depth).

PS: Thanks to Theoorl45, whose questions and ideas forced me to investigate mAirList (even more) closely, thus resulting in the above idea/request hitting me like a block of 2×4* between the eyes. :o

(* block of 2×4: A length of wooden plank with a width of 2 inches [about 5cm] and a height of 4 inches [about 10cm] along its length, these being a standard timber size used by builders in the UK before the metric system was adopted in the UK.

What does the panel think?


Doesn’t actually work, because you won’t be able to hear the updated cue points (the container playback needs to be reloaded to make the changes audible).

Regarding the segue editing, I do have some exciting plans. But rather for the next major release…

The current Selection PFL mechanism, using a temporary container, is merely a dirty trick.

Um … yes, I know! I guess that reloading was what I meant when I said the changes needed to ‘buuble up:’ in this case, that would mean reloading the … Con— :-[ Ah. I see the problem with that now!!!

Regarding the segue editing, I do have some exciting plans. But rather for the next major release…

Not at all! It’s a sweet and cute dirty trick. :smiley: