mAirListDB window

  1. mAirListDB always starts in a maximised window. Can this be made optional, please?

  2. The ‘normal’ mAirListDB window size (when un-maximised) is tiny.
    Can it be made, say, 640×480 size by default, please?

  3. The mAirListDB window size is not saved when it is closed, so I need to re-size it every time I open it.
    Can this position be saved, please? Maybe in position.ini or layout.ini?
    (you could make saving the window position optional, I suppose?)

  4. Actually, this request is about the Library tab, not the window as such.
    Is it possible to save the column order and sort order of the right-hand pane in the Library tab,
    so that when mAirListDB is closed and re-open, the column order and sort order will be restored?
    Oh: and ditto for the column widths! :wink:

Thanks in advance.



The tiny-Window-thing seems to be some sort of Delphi bug. It’s actually defined to be much bigger.

If it helps, the mAirListDB window size here is 320×240 pixels when Restored; on a 1280×1024 display.


From Build 659, the DB main window will remember its size and position when you re-open the application. The “tiny window” thing seems to be a well-known Delphi bug, but perhaps the position.ini handling will help to prevent it.

Remembering column widths and order is a different pair of shoes though. Let’s see.

Thanks: that’s good news about the DB window: will try it later.

We would say ‘a different kettle of fish’ in the UK, but I understood what you meant. :slight_smile: