mAirListDB .txt Import


I search an model of “DRS20006v3 HRdat.txt” file to import datas in mAirListDB.


Do you have DRS2006 installed? If so, you can just create one using its “Database Manager”.

Or do you want to “abuse” the import mechanism to import your own data?

Hey Torben,

In effect i don’t have DRS and i want to creat a custom script to import datas in mAirListDB through a .txt file.

I have a sample file somewhere on my old PC. Will see if I find it.

Haven’t found the sample file yet, but here’s what the file must look like:

It’s a CSV style text file with a comma as separator, and “” quotation marks around the values if needed.

There must be 15 comma-separated fields in each line:

  1. Artist
  2. Title
  3. Duration (*)
  4. Category/Rotation (*)
  5. Filename (*)
  6. Album
  7. Year
  8. Category/Rotation (*)
  9. Ending
  10. Ramp (hh:mm:ss)
  11. ? (*)
  12. ? (*)
  13. Fade out point (hh:mm:ss)
  14. ? (*)
  15. Comment

The fields marked with (*) are ignored by mAirList.

The import works by modifying existing items in the mAirListDB. That means that you first have to set up a storage in mAirList and use the Synchronize dialog to scan and import all files in that storage.

In the next step, you start the import of the DRS2006 text file. mAirList will scan the text file, see if a file with the same name exists in the mAirListDB (this is why you need to synchronize first!), and if so, copy the values from the text file into the database.

You must enter the filename relative to the storage root folder in the text file. For example, when your storage is “C:\music”, and the filename is “C:\music\somefolder\somefile.mp3”, you must enter “somefolder\somefile.mp3” into the text file.

Let me know if you have any questions.