mAirListDB: Saved Playlist 'Viewer'

There is no way currently to view a list of Playlists saved by mAirListDB.

It strikes me that over time, saved Playlists will build up in the database, and it is currently a very tedious manual job to find old ones (browsing a hour at a time) and delete them. Similarly, if like me you are only testing the database, and you only occasionally create a Playlist in the database, it can be difficult to find old Playlists which you created for dates a week (or longer ago) in the past.

Now, for me personally, I know I can use my postgreSQL viewer/editor to find and remove these ;), but for other mAirList users, this either is—or will be in future—a problem.

I’m not sure what the best solution to this would be. One possibility would be a Playlist ‘browser,’ which would let you browse Playlists in date/time sequence, and with next/previous buttons; similar to the existing way of browsing in ‘hour’ sequence. Another way would be to have a list displayed of all Playlists in the database, in date/time order, and the option to sort it as most recent/oldest first, which would allow multiple selections for deletion.

What does everyone else think?


Have you tried clicking the “Go To” button? And using the context menu in that dialog?