Mairlist not reducing volume

We have been using Mairlist for well over a year now and loving it.

One issue that keeps happening is that when you reduce the volume in mix editor in the database is doesn’t always do this in tha main programme. It has caused a few issues during voicetracking.

Is this a known problem?



Are you on the latest version? There used to be a bug a while ago. It was also ignoring cue markers sometimes.

Latest snapshot in 5.1. Upgrade to 5.3 required?

Yes, the fix is only in v5.3.


what is the best way to upgrade to the last 5.3 version if you are already on a 5.3 version?
Using the installer or just copy the zip file over the old files? Or other?


Generally, use the installer and let it just run on top of the existing installation, it will just update everything as required and leave your config intact.

Hi Torben,
Updated last weekend to 5.3 but unfortunately still getting the issue? Doesn’t happen all the time, just occasionally?


Hi Anything on this as it is really causing issues with our output?

Checked the code and was unable to find any obvious issues. Not sure how to track it down if it only happens “occasionally” :-/