mAirlist freeze

Hi all, after a few months now I 'am a happy user of mAirlist ;D. So great to use al features but I know there is much more to learn. :wink:
Well, there is a smal problem, when using the cartwall and players, so bussy with my radioprogram, I use mixdown to put a jingle into the intro of a song… and a few times allready the program freeze?..
Not always?.. I have had this now for over 4 times in just 2 weeks.
Any ideas?.. When this happen I do have to shut the pc down and start up again. Using windows10
looking forward to a reaction and learn


Exact mAirList version and build number?

Hi Torben,

I use Version 6.1.8 Build 3921
Have a nice day and thanks again for the quick response.


I had this problem sometimes.
Are your jingles in mairlist dB ? Or somewhere in your hardrive ? Do you use a Nas for example ?

My jingles are on a extern drive. It all works fantastic but like I said, when playing and using the mixdown during my program, I have had some issues…
Besides this small issue I am so happy with the program.

Open mixdown and work with it while the program runs brought this freeze problem…
mAirlist stays in the freeze ‘mode’ and you have to restart to go on?..


Ok, so it’s only during mixdown, and you can reproduce it? Good. That will help.

When you wait for 60 seconds, does the infamous “The application seems to be frozen” dialog appear? If yes, please send a bug report. See instructions here:


Wil do this next time, thanks for the info and yes there is a… ‘The application seems to be frozen’ dialog appear. :-
Have a nice day.



It has been awhile but for now this issues did not appear??
So strange, mix-down used many times the last few weeks and no freeze…

Of course happy and when it does appear I wil return.
Have a nice day.

Happy Jo :-).

Ok, thanks for the feedback. Fingers crossed.