mAirList DB question...

Just a quick question, do I need to install SQL lite to use mAirList DB. When I go to make one in the config, it tells me that the sqllite3 dynamic libraries can’t be found.


Hi Matt,

that DLL is not yet included in the mAirList distribution, you need to download it separately.

Here’s how to set up a new mAirListDB Lite (local mode):

  1. Download the latest version of mAirList 3 (currently v3.0.1). Also, while in beta stage, check if there is a newer mAirList.exe in the snapshot directory at - if so, download it and replace the current one. Please also download the mAirList.jdbg file found there and save it along with mAirList.exe. It will generate more verbose (and more useful) messages in case of fatal errors.

  2. Download sqlite3.dll and save it into your mAirList folder: - please use exactly this version. EDIT: no longer required as of mAirList 3.0.4, the DLL is now included in the main download.

  3. Run the mAirList configuration utility, go to the “Databases” page and add a new “mAirListDB (local mode)” connection.

  4. When the database configuration dialog appears, click on “Create new database” and choose a filename (e.g. “database.db”).

  5. Close the configuration utility.

  6. Run “Database” from the mAirList start menu folder (or mAirListDB.bat from the mAirList folder).

  7. Click “Administration -> Manage storages” and add the folders in which your music files are located.

  8. Click “Administration -> Look for new files” and follow the instructions to scan your music folders.

EDIT: starting with mAirList 3.0.5, use the “Synchronize” button on the playlist tab instead

  1. In mAirList, you can add a new database browser, database search browser or database playlist browser to access the database.

Thanks, I must say, I love the support in this forum. It’s fast and EXTREMELY informative!!!

Any idea when networked DB mode will be working, or the ability to make playlists??

Thanks again!