Mairlist database

Hi Torben

What i need to know is the following thing, when i close mailist it will not remember the database in the player. I must add it every time . Where can i set this information that it remembers in the player.

Also need i to know how do i set the prostges sql settings in mairlist. I am running it now under local mode , but want to use it under the network mode . Because i want to link the studio with the server when we are live , so we can play it 1 to 1 in the studio and music from the server database

if needed i can set up tomorrow evenening a conf call…



When you use the configuration app to configure the database, all settings should be permanent. Only settings made through the Control Panel (next to the About button) are temporary until you click the Save Permanently button.

Instructions on how to set up the networked mAirListDB can be found in Cad’s excellent manual, available as PDF from the download page.

I am back home , will check the manual from chad , saw it on the forum