mAirlist 7.1.2 crashes on album art

I’m planning to look futher into this problem this weekend (older version, new database ect.) but i was wondering if anyone else has problems with album art.

When i’m generation a playlist manually (so adding tracks to the playlist, by dragging or double clicking) mAirlist crashes on the album art of some tracks.

The workaround is easy (don’t use album art) but part of my “drive” for making a show is the memories some of the covers bring to me.

When testing yesterday there where a lot of jpg’s that crash mAirlist. As i said, this weekend i will test the circumstances and if its related on version 7. But maybe there is a solution already?
Are there criteria for the album art?
It would be nice that for future updates mAirlist won’t crash on the album art but simpely not show it.

AFAIK Torben is already investigating this.

Some users reported it only happens with FLAC files and album art. What kind of files are you using?

Did you sent the bug report after the crash occured?

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Yes it’s flac, sorry i forgot to add that information.
mAirlist is not responding at all (completely frozen), so no bug report was send.
No need for me to further investigate into this problem? After all Torben is already on the case.

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Can you please upload one of the failing files here: Nextcloud

I will try to reproduce and fix.

Hii Torben,
I uploaded a batch with files this afternoon for you.


Do you still need files? I can send some later this evening

No, thanks. I’m good.

It’s a bug in the 3rd party graphics library. I will report it to the developers, and also try to find a workaround until they fix it for good.


Thanks all for the fast respons. Lets hope for a fast solution by the third party.

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Hi Torben,

Thank you for looking into this problem.

Is this possible? Roll-back the 3rd party library to the version of 6.3.23? (that one is working fine) or
temporary not showing the album art (but stil importing the album art in the database so we won’t miss it in the future)


mAirList 6 uses a different one, actually multiple libraries, depending on the file type (JPG, PNG, etc.).

mAirList 7 uses a brand new one that can handle any file type. And appears to have a very nasty bug in the (high-quality) resize algorithm :roll_eyes:

Depending on the original and the requested size (in pixels), it will sometimes produce an image that is 1 pixel wider and higher than expected. Which leads to RAM corruption in other parts of the library, in particular the “resize and then center” algorithm.

So it’s not really related to FLAC, but rather happens with “unfortunate” combinations of original and requested image size. The file I use for testing has 225x225 pixels, and it must be resized to 122x122 to fit into the preview box in the Properties dialog. But the resize algorithm spits out a 123x123 image instead.

Now working on a fix.

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Added a workaround and uploaded snapshot 5218. Please give it a try.


:smile: :boom:
Tested the version and It is working.


I will try friday, Thanks a lot.

Little problem…
Importdate in attributes is back to
Leaving Today - Alfie Templeman
Missing in DB:
-Schedule tab
-History tab

Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength) (From Avatar The Way Of Water_ _ Soundt

This is when editing the file from the database app? Library or playlist, which part?

Instead of only claiming an issue, @Torben has more or less worked out the solution for the 3rd party lib. Great job.

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Hello Tondose, I don’t understand exactly what you mean by your message. Can you explain more about that?

Thank you for your reply. This is happening in the database when opening a song to edit it. Then I do not see the schedule tab and the history tab. This started after installing after installing the snapshot 5218 version. please don’t hasitate to ask for more information

Are you using only one PC with the server database or are there more mAirlist instances around a network? Just asking because often people forget to update ALL of the instances and restart them. That could cause such problems…