mAirList 6.2.8

I have not been able to start any stream from the laptop from mAirList 6.2.8 and all I get is the error Error connection to streaming server [ip address] BASS error -1

Where do I start looking to solve this knotty little problem please?


The error message suggests that your laptop cannot reach the stream server over the network. A good way to start troubleshooting these kind of issues is the good old command line. To open it in windows on your laptop where the connection fails, press the <Windows> and <R> key simultaneously on your keyboard to open the „Run command“ dialog in Windows. In the textfield enter „cmd“ (without the quotes) and press the <Enter> key. A command line window should pop up.

Assuming you have a stream URL like „https://stream.example:com:8080/path_to_stream“ „“ is the hostname and 8080 is the port of your connection - you will need to get those of your failing connection for the commands you are going to enter in the command line. You should try the following command first: „nslookup“ (replace „ with your own value for host, obviously :wink: ). If this yields an IP address, the next test would be „telnet 8080“ (again, replace the arguments to „telnet“ with your own values). If you get a connection then the network can be ruled out as the culprit.

If you do not get a connection here or if you didn‘t get an IP address in the first place, please post the commands you typed plus the output they generated as the error messages you get might provide more info on where to look.

Another rather basic, but nonetheless important question: do you attempt to connect for the very first time or did the connection work before and ceased to do so?


Thank you very very much for the solid prod in the right direction. It’s like everything, once you know what you’re being told, the solution will often present itself. For anybody else searching for the solution to Error connection to streaming server [ip address] BASS error -1, this is it.

In my case once I had established that mAirlist couldn’t reach the stream server, fault finding became straightforward. It turned out to be a firewall setting change and everything burst into life.

Thank you Henning - you’re a legend.


Error -1 is often simply “source is busy” (another source is streaming to that mountpoint). For some reason bass_enc.dll doesn’t parse the HTTP error code correctly.

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Brilliant! Thanks Torben.