mAirList 5.1 (stable) released


mAirList 5.1 has finally reached a stable state, and version 5.1.0 is now available for download. This is a free update for all holders of a v5.x license. Thanks for everyone who contributed ideas and feedback for this version.

For an overview of changes, see the release information in the Wiki:

The next weeks I will concentrate on documentation updates, but a couple of new features have already been prepared for the upcoming v5.2 beta, so stay stuned.


Changelog of v5.1:

Version 5.1.0 Build 2752 (2015-04-27)

[-] Possible "Range check error" on startup
[-] Possible access violation on startup when no audio devices config exists
[-] Possible "Assertion failed" error when changing output devices
[+] Remote control: Added support for Ember+ protocol (acting as a consumer)
[-] Config: Stream monitor list of streams not visible in mAirListConfig
[-] Ember+: Access Violation when libember_slim.dll cannot be loaded due to
    missing Visual C++ 2013 runtimes
[-] Ember+: Commands executed even if parameter doesn't match
[+] Cartwall: Added per-player volume sliders (must be enabled in options)
[+] License Manager: Redesigned notice/warning dialogs with "don't show this
    message again" option for temporary license warnings
[-] Fixed possible deadlock on title start when playing into Encoder devices
[+] Logging: Added support for TuneIn AIR API
[*] DB: Optimized playlist load routines, loading long playlists much faster now
[*] Playlist: Players of overflow/skipped items are automatically unloaded
[-] Encoder: Ssettings missing in "Switch input on/off" action config dialog
[+] Layout Designer: Ability to "detach" any object into a separate window
[-] Item Properties dialog: Incorrect icon size in "Item type" dropdown list
[+] New playlist item type: Embedded Playlist. Pretty much like a container,
    but is not playable by itself. Must be unpacked first. Can also be
    stored in DB library.
[+] Playlist: New option "Automatically unpack embedded playlist"
[+] New feature: DB Auto Importer
[-] DB: Container content empty in playlists loaded from database
[*] Remote control: Command list in natural sort order (2 before 10)
[+] DB: Ability to specify a default storage for import per folder
[+] Cartwall: Added "Open audio file" to right-click menu
[+] Cue Editor: Auto Cue now also possible for non-local files (HTTP, DBServer)
[+] DB: Music templates: New "hybrid" setting (tries to import from external
    scheduler, falls back to internal scheduling on error)
[+] DB: Music templates: Source (internal/external/hybrid) can/must be set
    separately for each block - it's possible to mix internal and external
    music scheduling within the same music template now.
[+] New log variable: %S{format} - start time of item (for stop logging}
[+] TPI import: Added support for R (remark) lines
[+] Database playlist actions: New option "Skip to current time" (useful
    when using "Load database playlist" as "action after startup")
[+] TPI import: Added support for E (External ID) lines
[+] New "update advertising" function (in DB playlist Generate menu, Go To
    dialog, playout playlist contect menu, Database Playlist actions).
    Will inspect all advertising containers and update their contents in
    case advertising settings or external traffic import lists have changed.
    Only works when containers are used for advertising.
[-] DB Auto Importer: Folders are scanned even if disabled
[*] TuneIn AIR API: All values transmitted are encoded in UTF-8
[+] DB: File import: New setting "if target file exists"
[+] DB Server/Client: Updated to protocol version 13
[+] File import options: Added "Import ## in filename as External ID"
[+] DB: Now using GUID strings as Database ID for new databases
[+] Database playlist actions: Ability to specify a script for
    postprocessing the playlist before loading it into playlist.
    From within the script, use CurrentPlaylist to access the data.
[+] DB: Ability to run scripts from the DB application
[+] M3U Export: Support for Extended M3U format
[+] Scripting: Added IPlaylist.LoadFromFileWithFilter, SaveToFileWithFilter
[+] Scripting: Added IPlaylistItem.GetFileDate
[-] DB Auto Importer: Not working correctly with multiple folders
[+] DB Auto Importer: Ability to specify a subfolder within the storage
[+] DB Internet Client: Now using "mAirListDB:<ID>" as internal DB identifier
    to avoid issues in mixed local/Client environments
[+] DB Server: Improved security checks for file uploads and downloads
[+] DB: IMPORTANT CHANGE: Removed "Import folder" setting from storage
    configuration; instead, the user can now explicitly select the target
    directory (storage subfolder) in the "Import Files" dialog
    (also in the folder settings of the DB Auto Importer).
    You can still type the folder manually and use variables.
[+] DB: Folder properties: Added "storage subfolder" setting
[+] DB: Will refuse to upload a file with an existing External ID
[+] DB: Database schema upgraded to version 23
[+] Logging: Added new "System Log File" facility, allows you e.g. to create
    additional log files with selected categories only.
[+] DB: New setting: Create error item in Library for unknown External IDs
[+] Containers: New item option "Failsafe playback", will play the rest
    of the container even if some items fail
[+] Playlist: New icon used for items failed to prebuffer; warning icon now
    used for containers where part of the content failed to load
[+] Playlist: New GUI option "Auto recycle items on move/drop" (brings back
    old behavior from v5.0 and earlier)
[+] DB: Errors and underruns in playlists are reported in scheduler,
    generate playlists action, and load/append playlist actions
[*] Better handling of daylight saving changes: Events will not be scheduled
    in "invalid" hours; Load/Append Database Playlist actions will advance to
    next valid hour automatically.
[+] New playlist item type: Error
[*] Removed playlist item type: Custom 4 (due to technical limitations
    imposed by the Delphi compiler, we cannot support more than 32 playlist
    item types at the moment)
[+] DB: Hour templates: Ability to specify a "negative" fixed time (before
    top of the hour)
[+] Cartwall: New option "Ignore mouse clicks"
[+] Cartwall: New option "Allow dragging of items to playlist"
[+] DB: Auto Importer: Ability to write log file to disk
[-] VT: Possible Access Violation on opening VT Recorder
[-] Possible "conversion" error after migrating MIDI configuration from v5.0
[*] Actions from the Action menu are always executed in the background
[*] DB: If advertising import from external source files, the error dummy
    is wrapped into a container, according to the block settings

Version 5.1-beta Build 2700 (2014-11-28)

[+] New "Remote Control Console" window (in the About menu) that allows you
    to monitor remote control activity and send/test your own commands
[+] Encoder: New "Aux" input
[+] Encoder: New "Secondary" input, with separate sound processing, can used
    for players that need a different DSP chain (e.g. for advertising)
[+] Encoder: New "High Priority" input - normal and secondary player input
    will be faded out while you play any audio item on this input.
    Fade duration can be adjusted on the Encoder Options page.
[+] Encoder: New option "Mute local output during PFL"
[+] Encoder: The mute/unmute mic/line actions have been merged into a single
    "Switch input on or off" action
[+] DB: In a multi station setup, stations are displayed as tabs at the bottom
[+] DB: Optimized "Go to playlist" dialog, much faster than before
[+] Config: "Play test sound" function in audio device configuration
[+] Config: Load/save function in audio device configuration
[+] DB: Cue markers can be displayed in library/playlist
[+] New "Stream Monitor" feature
[+] Remote control: Added support for WheatNet-IP BLADE and Console devices
[*] Reduced GDI Handle consumption of an idle mAirList instance by about 60%,
    allowing more instances to run within the same Windows logon session
[+] Control Panel: Goes back to last page when reopening
[+] Background scripts: New procedures OnVTOn, OnVTOff, OnVTVolume
[+] Remote control: Added TCP/IP Server, TCP/IP Client
[+] MIDI: Redesigned remote control configuration from scratch,
    monitor/capture function now also available in Control Panel
[+] DMAX: Redesigned configuration dialog, support for OPT keys
[+] Config: Most configuration items (databases, remote controls, ...) can
    now be exported/imported from/to .ini files

Out of curiousity (because we’re longing for this feature):
What’s the price for Home Server? Currently, it’s still tba. Any ideas for an upgrade from 4.4 to 5.1?



Introductory price will be €149.

Crossgrade from Home Studio v5 available on request, paying the price difference (€149 - €99 = €50).

If you’re still on v4.4, add the €49 for the upgrade v4 -> v5.

For all Home Server licenses, please send an e-mail to to receive payment information. Please confirm that you are a non-profit, individual user.

is it possible to downgrade from a 4.x Pro version? As we dont need the most features of the pro license but the database access by more than one pc

Please get in touch by e-mail,