mAirList 3.0.13 standard install

I just unzipped the ZIPfile for 3.0.13 so that I could check some default settings.

I note that there is no Cartwall, but there is a Global Progress Bar.

Is that different from an install from the EXE file, or is the default immediately after install to NOT show a Cartwall in the GUI?


I just installed the 3.0.13 setup EXE file, and got the same result. So, I assume that the default IS now NOT to show the Cartwall immediately after install: is that correct?

Thanks in advance.


Actually, it should be visible. Looks like there is some inconsistency with the default values.

When you run the config app (for the first time), and close it right away, does the Cartwall appear when you start mAirList afterwards?

Yes (good news).
BUT there is then only one Player, not two Players (bad news!).


Ok, so there is inconsistency :slight_smile:

Technically spoken, the main app and the config app have their own set of default values each - which should be identical, obviously, but there might be some inconsistencies every now and then. I think the default should be cartwall visible, and one playlist with two players named “A” and “B”, right?

I have uploaded Build 678 this morning.

If you stumble upon other inconsistencies like this, let me know.

Absolutely: you will be the second to know. :wink:

PS: I assume this means that you will need to provide updated setup EXE and ZIPfile versions as well?


Yes, the installers need to be updated, of course. Do you think I should do this with the snapshot? Repackage v3.0.13 using the new .exe file?

On the other hand, there’s only one single other possible bug on my to-do list - after that, I’d be ready for v3.0.14.

No, obviously if you are THAT close to 3.0.14, it can wait. :slight_smile: