mAirList 2.2: Last Call

Hi everyone.

Looking at the bug reports forum, I notice that bugs in v2.1 are becoming rare. I have also been hesitant to include further major new features into mAirList 2.1, avoiding the risk of breaking the current almost bug-free state. I know that there are a few things which still could be improved, but nevertheless I think time is due for a new stable release.

I therefore decided to freeze the current state of mAirList 2.1 and make it mAirList 2.2 (stable) within the next few weeks.

Admittedly, I lost track at little of all the pending bugs reports and, most important, minor feature requests. Let me please ask you to give me a hand by pointing me to any

  • open bug report and
  • pending feature request, not the major exciting ones, but those you think are essential for the 2.2 release. Remember that v2.2 will be the official stable release for at least a few months, but most likely, v3.0 will gain reasonable stability after a few versions. So please be reasonable when deciding what’s really essential and what’s not.

I also want to introduce the mAirList bugtracker at - it will help me to better keep track of any issues in the future. You are most welcome to register at the bug tracker and enter the open bugs/requests there. You can also just post them as a reply to this thread, and I (or anyone who would like to assist me) will copy them to the bug tracker. I will post a short guide about how to use the bug tracker later.

Thanks for your help!


PS: For any problem you report, please post a link to the existing forum thread.

No replies to any of my three recent bug reports?
Faults in GetStartTime in scripting:,2815.0.html
Cosmetic issue in Layout Designer:,2814.0.html (fixed)
Break Items show a RAMP of 0.0:,2791.0.html (fixed)

I expect that my recent request:
Add a CartSet as a Browser Pane:,2805.0.html
would be too ‘big’ to include in 2.2. (yes, probably too big)

Will investigate the bugtracker later: got to go out tonight!


Registered but would most likely not recognise one until hell freezes over…

Kind regards tony

I hope you don’t mind if I edit your posts and update the status of the issues. I will use a red font color.

It’s no problem at all if you edit posts, Torben. You are the forum admin.! ;D