mAirList 2.1.6

Here’s a new version. If you are using BASS.DLL plugins, please note that they have to be placed in a special folder now (but will be loaded automatically without registering them in the config first). See below for details.

Known bugs/limitations

  • Playlist history not working (will be replaced by a different mechanism)
  • Playlist drag/drop and moving of items does sometimes not work correctly
    when comment items are involved. Will be investigated.
  • Custom button sets (“PlayerButtons” folder) not working.

Version 2.1.6 (2007-01-19)

[+] Playlist item comments functional again, as expandable child nodes.
[+] Playlist: skin.ini: New setting “MainColum”, this is the colum where
the comment +/- buttons will appear.
Specify “ShowButtons=off” to disable +/- buttons.
[+] Playlist: skin.ini: New setting “AutoSizeColum”. This column is
automatically resized to fit the total width of the playlist.
Defaults to the Title colum. Set to -1 to disable. Was previously set to -1
automatically on using ColWidths, must now be specified explicitly.
[+] Playlist: Spacebar AUTOMATION NEXT works again
[+] BASS.DLL plugins will be loaded automatically when placed into the
“plugins\bass” folder. mAirList will also detect the file extensions
supported by the activated plugins and show these file types in the browser.
There’s no need to specify the extensions manually in the config any more.
A list of loaded plugins and supported file types is shown in the
About box.
[] Scripting: HTTPGet supports authentication (http://user:password@host/…)
] Internal changes to the eldoDB and radioDB2 interfaces. Please check
[] Playlist: SelectedFontColor only used when focused (font of selected
items turns black on losing focus; standard list view behavior).
] Player start/stop buttons: Internally switched from BMP to PNG.
[-] Scripting: “Could not call proc” on using SASComPort
[-] Toolbar captions missing unless using skin.ini
[-] Playlist: “Toolbar position: top” doesn’t work