mAirList 2.1.40

Version 2.1.40 (2007-10-29)

[+] New option “only allow one instance at the same time”
[+] New option “show splash screen”
[] New player buttons. Colors probably not perfect yet. Suggestions welcome.
] Option “Move item to history when closing player” split into two options
for “paused/EOF” and “loaded”
[] Internal redesign of the main form initialization
] Better exception handling during startup
[-] Non-auto-load player is unloaded when removing link above its item
[] Inserting items by pressing Return should now work for all browsers
Holding Shift will insert at the top of the active playlist.
Holding Ctrl will insert before the currently focused item.
Otherwise, the items will be appended.
] Case-insensitive search for mAirList’s special ID3v2 tags
[*] New Cue Dialog
[+] Support for up to three ramps
[+] Skin.ini: New color setting “ProgressBarRampDividerColor”
[+] Support for Hook In, Hook Fade, Hook Out
[+] New player buttons for loop mode and hook mode
[-] Mixdown configuration: OK button inactive
[+] Actions can be reordered in Event Scheduler
[-] Cue Out ignored in PFL
[+] Players: Rounded player boxes, new skin.ini setting “BorderRadius”
[+] Playlist: Optical enhancements (rounded player boxes)
[-] Config: No means to remove default cart set
[-] Fixed several memory leaks
[-] Cart players do not create copies of dragged items
[+] Players and cartwall: New setting “Command when clicked”