mAirList 2.1.38

Version 2.1.38 (2007-09-13)

[+] IPlaybackControl: New functions GetIndex and GetPlaybackControlIndex
(the latter always returns -1 for cart players)
[-] Auto Cue always disabled in mAirListTag
[+] Container Items can be created by holding Shift during drag & drop
[] M3U import will ignore empty lines (workaround for broken M3U playlists
created by Windows Media Player)
] Player option “Only auto-load special items” also active in automation
[] Player: New option “hide buttons during automation”
] Many internal changes to the database subsystem, in particular the
database tree browser. Please test thoroughly.
[+] New database type “Script database” for custom connections
[+] Support for accessing SQL servers from mAirListScript
[+] Tool Tips for long entries now working in most browsers
[-] Auto Cue not applied for OTF database
[+] Databases can be disconnected/reconnected trough database browser
popup menu
[] Slight change to the automation algorithm (stopped players will be unloaded
first before anything else happens)
[-] PLAYLIST … commands not working
[-] 00:00 midnight ignored as a fixed time
[+] New playlist item option “Exclude from logging”
] User Defined Properties are now called “Attributes”
[+] Default attributes and possible values can be set up in the config
[*] Playlist skin is now processed in a slightly different way. See the
“Changes in mAirList 2.1” Wiki article for details
[+] Started to implement a Control Panel (Ctrl+Alt+X)