mAirList 2.1.18 released

Major update, here we go …

Known bugs/limitations

  • Custom player button sets (“PlayerButtons” folder) not working.
  • Does not run properly unter both Windows 98 and ME
  • Custom playlist icons do not resize correctly.

Version 2.1.18 (2007-02-21)

[+] Playlist history working again. Note the two options “Auto clean-up history”
and “Only clean up history at the top of the playlist”.
The “number of items to keep” setting will only be effective if
auto clean-up is activated.
[+] Scripting: New methods IPlaylist.GetHistoryCount (determines number
of items at the top of the list with HistoryFlag set) and
IPlaybackControl.GetNextIndex (determines index of item to be played next).
Useful when inserting new items to be played immediately.
[] “Insert…” events use GetHistoryCount position when inserting items
[+] Playlist: New option “Auto move non-playable items to history in assist mode”
] “Played Items” browser now known as “Recycle Bin”
[+] You can specify a central folder where all MMD files are collected
[-] Several memory leaks removed
[+] Scripting: IPlaylistItem: New function GetPosition(iType: TCuePositionType),
replaces GetCueIn, GetRamp, GetOutro, GetFadeOut and GetCueOut.
Use it like this: “GetPosition(ptCueIn)” instead of “GetCueIn”.
(Preparation for the new “start next” markers.)
[+] New command: PLAYER x-y CLOSE
[+] Playlist: Dummies have an icon now, can be customized as “icon_dummy.png”
[-] Config: Playlist: Save Events option mixed up with Clear History
[+] Playlist: New option: “Automatically scroll to playing item”
[+] Error messages displayed inside the players
[] Reduced CPU load by not drawing the global progress bar so often
[-] Config: Playlist options not saved when switching from one playlist
to another (finally fixed)
] Player: EOF warning refers to main playout even if PFL is active
[] Config: Player “Auto load/unload …”-options: Explicitly stated
that these options refer to assist mode (thanks to Gavin)
[+] New example notification script: (thanks to Michel)
] Properties dialog shows MP3 duration in h:mm:ss format (thanks to Cad)
[+] Playlist: New option "Click on playlist icon toggles Extra PFL
[] File tag is completely ignored if MMD present
[-] Comments might be cut off when manually resizing columns
[+] Scripting: New function random(iRange: integer): integer
[-] Mixdown starts despite pressing Escape in file selection dialogs
[+] Item-specific playlist icons, can be set through Properties dialog
[+] skin.ini: New setting “ProgressBarIdleColor” for global progress bar
[+] Playlist: New control bar option: “AUTO button flashes while playing”
] German translation file now embedded into mAirList.exe
[] New global option: “Regard Fade Out marker as EOF”
[+] skin.ini: Playlist: “OverlayBackgroundColor” (default: transparent)
] Playlist: Drag & Drop into players disabled during automation.