mAirList 2.1.10 released

Version 2.1.10 (2007-02-01)

[+] Playlist icons introduced. This version contains icons from the
LPGL’ed “Nuvola” icon set by David Vignoni (,
which might be replaced by a dedicated mAirList icon set later.
At the moment, there is one icon per playlist item type
(file, stream, container, …). The icons can be replaced by custom
PNG images. Details will be posted to the forum/Wiki.
The included images are 64x64 pixels and will be resized automatically
to fit the height of the playlist rows. You can also use the
“IconSize=…” setting in skin.ini to specify a fixed size.
And yes, Cad, you can disable the icons in the config :wink:
[*] Playlist: Comments do not have a node of their own any longer,
but are now displayed in the main item node again as in mAirList 2.0.
You can however expand and collapse the comments individually.
[+] Playlist: New options: Escape triggers AUTOMATION BREAK/STOP
[+] skin.ini: Cartwall: New parameter “Spacing” (default: 29
[-] Automation: Short audio burst on stopping tracks