mAirList 1.5.52 released, important change, please read


Version 1.5.52 has been released. This version introduces the new .mld (“mAirList Desktop”) file type.

Background: So far, there were two sub-types of .mlp files: those saved through the main toolbar (containing all playlists, possibly the cartwall, event lists, browsers etc.) and those saved through the playlist popup menu (containg only a single playlist).

For consistency, the former file type has now been renamed to “mld”. In order to open “old”, pre-1.5.52, saved-from-the-toolbar .mlp files, please rename them accordingly. Otherwise, you will receive a “Unknown playlist item class” error. Template files (.mlt) are unchanged and will still work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have created an article in the Wiki which describes all file types used by mAirList:

I have also updated the configuration dialog in order to reflect these changes. Please review the “save with desktop files” options in the Cartwall Options and Browser sections.

Additionally, the “Register” button on the Miscellaneous page will now register all seven file types used by mAirList.