mAirList 1.5.47 released


v.47 is out.

  • Running maximized is now an option, and you can place your favorite window position in position.ini. Check the “remember window position” option, and mAirList will create a position.ini for you.

  • Display bug in database search browser finally fixed.

  • On the fly databases now support an “all files” list in database browser.

  • Windows shortcut files (.lnk) resolution for drag & drop.

  • “Next Event” box visible in assist mode.

  • mAirListTag can now also save to MMD.

  • Minor corrections.


Hi Torben,
The link doesn’t work - and I can’t seem to find it in the actual web-folder on your Apache server… Has it been uploaded ? :wink:

I forgot to adjust the version number, so my magic scripts uploaded is as v.46 again … Bottom line: Don’t release a new version when your wife is waiting for you to have dinner :wink: