mAirList 1.5.33 released


Version 1.5.33 is available for download. Most notable changes:

  • Playlist can be exported to M3U through the playlist context menu
  • new scripting functions:
    • HTTPGet(iURL: string)
    • ShellExecuteHidden (works like ShellExecute but does not open a shell window)
  • Cartwall: new option “window always on top”
  • some bug fixes


German change log:

1.5.33 (2006-10-04)

  • Bugfix: Datenbank-Suche: Fehler bei radioDB2
  • Playlist: Linke Spalte beachtet LoadedRowColor, PlayingRowColor usw.
  • Playlist: Speichern nach M3U möglich
  • Bugfix: eldoDB: “’’ is not a valid integer value” bei Playlists
  • Scripting: HTTPGet neu
  • Scripting: ShellExecuteHidden neu
  • Cartwall: Neue Option: Fenster immer im Vordergrund
  • Bugfix: ASIO: “Range Check Error” bei Kanal >10
Playlist can be exported to M3U through the playlist context menu
Thanks for that - But there is a problem with saving BREAK and COMMAND itemss... The Duration is not saved. Looking at the M3U file (within Notepad), it leaves the timing info out.

I suggest also that BREAK items that have a timing value should also add to the total playlist time. Currently, the time value shows in the left-column, but doesn’t contribute to the total running time. If you’re planning a show/hour with speech-based items - Your breaknote would say something like “SHOWBIZ NEWS” and 03:00 as a duration. This 3min duration is then treated like a normal audio-item.

Think that makes sense ?!

Currently, COMMAND and BREAK items do not have a duration, by design. They only serve as special markers to the automation: they send a command, or stop the automation mode and display the interim duration - which was your idea, btw - respectively.

To implement a real “speech break”, you can insert an additional dummy item before or after the break.

This behaviour might be changed in future versions. In particular, the silence might be “played” by a player, as you suggested earlier. But for now, I will not work on that, as I concentrate on the 2.0 release.