mAirList 1.5.29 released


I have been rather busy with other stuff during the last few days, nevertheless, here’s mAirList 1.5.29.

Notable improvements:

  • A new database type called “On the fly”. You just specify a folder and mAirList scans this folder at startup, providing all the files through the database interface. It is already documented in the only manual.

  • mAirList now offers supports for “IO-Warrior”, a multi-purpose IO chip. You can use its inputs for fader start command, and control the output pins from a script. See for more information.

  • The players have a new options, “Auto STOP on EOF”.

  • Cartwall players do now react as soon as you press the mouse button, not when you release it.

  • You can now also specify folders as cartwall favorites, mAirList will add each cart set file found in that folder to the drop down box. The width of the drop-down box has been increased, and it now only displays the file name but not the folder.

  • A few bugfixes.

As usual, feedback is welcome.


1.5.29 (2006-09-23)

  • SAS-Protokoll (Lawo Mixer) neu in Config
  • Player: Neue Option: Automatisches Stop bei EOF
  • Cartwall: Player startet schon beim Drücken der Maustaste, nicht erst beim
  • Parameter -c und -l: nun auch relative Dateinamen möglich
  • Neuer Datenbanktyp: OnTheFly
  • Bugfix: Config: *.cart statt *.mlc
  • Faderstart per IO-Warrior neu
  • Scripting: IIOWarrior-Interface neu
  • Neuer Notification Type: ntEOFWarning
  • Bugfix: Extra-PFL spielt falsches Item ab
  • Cartwall: Auswahlliste breiter
  • Cartwall: Ordner als Favoriten