mAirList 1.5.22 released


Before leaving for my mother-in-law’s birthday party, here’s another update. Sorry, I’m in a bit of a hurry now, no time to translate the changelog. Use Google translation or find out for yourself :wink:


1.5.22 (2005-09-02)

  • Bugfix: Absturz bei “nur einmal”-Events
  • Events: Gültigkeit neu
  • Bugfix: Cartwall-Monitor-Einstellung fehlt in Konfiguration
  • Events werden standardmäßig NICHT mehr mit dem Playlisten gespeichert
  • Datei-Extension für Events nun .mle statt .events
  • Datei-Extension für Cartwall nun .mlc statt .cart
  • Automatisches Laden der Eventliste: playlist
  • mAirList.ini: DefaultDirectories neu
  • M3U-Import: optionaler Titel bei #mAirList COMMAND
  • radioDB2: Verpackung in den Datenbank-Browser integriert
  • Config: Player: Option “Ramp in vollen Sekunden” neu
  • Player: NEXT-Anzeige neu
  • Hauptfenster: Events-Button neu
  • eldoDB: Wieder kompatibel mit MySQL 4.0
  • Bugfix: Crash, when events only run one time
  • Events: availability’s new
  • Bugfix: Cartwall-Screen-Settings are missing in config
  • Events aren’t saved generally in playlist anymore.
  • File extension for events: now .mle instead of .events
  • File extension for cartwall: now .mlc instead of .cart
  • Load the eventlist automaticly: playlist
  • mAirList.ini: DefaultDirectories new
  • Import from M3U: optional title at #mAirList COMMAND
  • radioDB2: Interface is implemented to the database browser
  • Config: Player: Option “Ramp in vollen Sekunden” (= Ramptime in full seconds) new
  • Player: NEXT-button new
  • Main screen: Events-button new
  • eldoDB: compatible with MySQL 4.0 again

My englisch is so bad, but I hope I can help you.
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. :wink:


Thanks, David.