looking for lay out

hey all you nice people

i would like a layout that looks like google Radio Automation
i am on a one screen laptop

can you name then in notepad so i can drop them right into mairlist

Hi Sean, here’s a work in progress.

Due to using only 1 screen everything, browser and playlist may need including as in this example.

The playlist can be used as a scratch pad rather than have a stack of 7 players instead use auto mode.

Other screen objects to add and some tidying with fonts and layoout in the playlist area but must do some work.

Kind Regards Tony


looks good i have use the cartwall i just have no need for them

Hi Sean, sorry but I don’t understand what you seek. The example shown (Google Radio) clearly uses a cartwall (called hotkeys).

Please list the features you seek.



Unless you mean something like the attached. Still has a playlist (centre) and browser (far right). For live assist only a playlist can also be omitted. For Automation only leave out the browser.