Logging to MySQL

Hi all,

We currently log everything which is played to a local MySQL database, and this works really well.

For the website, I have been using the script to output a .html file and having this automatically upload (which unfortunately falls over quite frequently - possibly a hosting issue). I’d also like to show the last few songs played, and look at a song search feature based on the time / date.

I’m wondering if I can change this to use a MySQL database - so that mAirList hits the local one and remote one. I’ve tried this and it seems the audio takes noticably longer to start when connecting to a remote database…

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts? Any other ideas for getting the data to a remote server in near real time (i.e. from data mAirList can output on a local network to a remote server), 24/7 also much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance,


mAirList 2.2 is single-threaded, which means that the database update takes place in the main thread, causing the rest of the software to “hang”.

mAirList 3.0 will be multi-threaded, which means that the update may take place in the background. I just need to move the operations into a separate thread.

Let’s keep this on the to-do list. I will implement it at some point during the v3.0 development.

I see, Torben - thank you for explaining - that makes perfect sense.

I think I’ll hang on til v3.0 becomes available and try again - thanks again.