Logging error: Access violation writing to XML file

Hi, I’m a new user that’s encountering an error when trying to set up logging to an XML file. On an event that should be logged (playing a track), I get this in the bottom bar of mAirList:

Logging error (XML file (D:\nowplaying.xml)): Access violation at address 013A94C6 in module ‘mAirList.exe’. Read of address 00000000

Everything else continues to work as normal and mAirList doesn’t crash.

I’ve tried logging from other locations, like My Documents, and I get the same error. It doesn’t even create a blank log file, in fact. Is this a bug or setup issue?

Can you please enable “Debug mode” in the config (Misc -> Options), then trigger the error again. You will see another message “Bug report saved as \bugreport.txt”. Please send that file to support@mairlist.com so we can take a look.

I’ve sent the bug report over now.

Thanks. It appears that there is a (syntax?) error in the XML template that is not handled correctly.

Would you mind sending a copy of your logging.ini file to the support e-mail address? You will find it in C:\ProgramData\mAirList\6.3\config.

I’ve sent the logging.ini file over now, thanks.

I seem to have managed to get it working - on looking at the config.ini I sent I noticed the template was empty in the file and after trying to add a template again it’s started working. Not sure why it didn’t save the first time.

Sorry, hadn’t time to check during the weekend. Yes, indeed, the template was empty. For whatever reason.