Logging dummy items

It’s my first post here, we’re new users of mAirList in our community radio in France.
So I think it’s not my last one :wink:

I’m trying to configure HTTP POST logging to export the playlist on our website.
I’m using dummy items in playlists to tell to the website the subsequent show is live.

The music and the pre-recorded shows are well logged but the dummy items are not…

perharps i missuse dummy items and/or logging feature and there is a better way to do this…
Can you help me please ?


hello, no one has an idea ?

It seems the items are logged when they are actually played and not just “parsed” in the playlist.
The tab where you can choose if the items are logged or not (filter) misled me because there is a check for Dummy items.

So my workaround is to create Show elements with a 1ms silence file at the top of my live show.

(I realized since than Containers are logged even they are not played…)

Hi there,
i found a checkbox in Configuration > Playlist 1 > Options : “Include non-playable items in logs”
(I don’t know if it’s exactly these words, I run the french version)

I checked it and now all items including dummys are logged.
I can then send specific “commands” to my website to tell it if a show is starting or ending …