log scheduling files.

Hi Torben, on the off chance I scheduled in the .log format from station playlist creator.
mAirList will load these manually (still to try from a script).

Please can this format be added to the options presented to open/save. mAirList does not see them unless you select all files in the dialog.

Kind regards tony

I take it you mean a normal M3U schedule run but with the extension set to .log, right ? You can also add log to the additional extensions under GUI\Browser so that those files are then visible in the mAirList Browser :wink:

For what it’s worth - I actually use the .log extension for the “as played” logfiles but the playlist files remain M3U.

Hi Charlie, yes using the m3u format with the extn .log.

I had set this under gui/browser yet I still have to select all files in the dialog.

Kind Regards tony

If it’s m3u files, you should use .m3u as the extension, so that mAirList can identify them properly.

mAirList 2.x assumes a file to be in m3u format if it has no other known extension. But mAirList 3.x will only accept files with the .m3u extension. (This is because of a new “plug-in file format” system I have established.)

Hi Torben, noted.

Kind regards tony