live update folder/container (that works like the advertising function)

What about…

A live folder that only schedules once the hour is loaded, similar to update advertising.

example - a folder that contains 60 second spots, instead of having to ensure all the latest spots are loaded in the folder prior to the day and time logs are generated (and the solution isn’t delaying log generation or generating logs in shorter bursts, as people automate shifts later in the week etc), a placeholder/container is scheduled, and a command like ‘update advertising’ only places a file (the most rested/recent) at 5 to the hour or 10 to the hour as setup in the event scheduler.

Actually someone came up with this idea just a few days ago, and I have been working on it, aiming to include it into v6.2.

You would specify a (file system) folder, the number of items to pick from it, a sorting order (date, filename, etc. - or completely random), and the container would fill itself with the items as it is loaded into a player.